2019-09-10 15:18 General
Setting up Tailwind CSS for Laravel

I have wanted for some time, to play around with Tailwind CSS, but didn't want to spend the time trying to get a smooth flow of building the CSS and JS libraries on Windows 10. Finally, I have had some time to investigate, and it turns out, it's not as difficult as I somehow imagined.

2019-01-19 18:02 General
Installing Laragon

Setting up your development environment on Windows, doesn't need to be a difficult task. Tools like Laragon, and other WAMP stacks, makes the task of setting up a multi-site development environment up, quick and easy.

2019-01-17 11:00 General
Launch of my new personal blog

It's been a loooooong time comming, and here, it finally is. Alive.. The site may not be exactly as I wanted, but as my dear wife Christina have said so.. many.. times.. ""It's better to ship and improve it, than to never ship at all"".

So, what am I going to blog about here? It's mostly going to be about tech stuff, games, my life etc. In other words, a mixture of everything and nothing. Just like Facebook, but without the social aspect :D

The more work related stuff, I will post over at my Dataplatform blog, where I am blogging about technical stuff I run into or get asked about. So should you have a question in the realm of the Dataplatform, go ahead and shoot me an email, and I might just do a blog post about that :)

Welcome to my humble little blog, that hopefully will inspire you or just give you some insight into who I am.